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Local authorities in England are required to research demand for self build plots in their area and from 1st April 2016 the Self-build and Custom Housebuilding Act 2015 obliges them to maintain a list of people and groups interested in building their own homes. Local councils in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are also exploring how to support self build and custom build projects.

We’ve been running the Local Self Build Register since 2014 as an independent platform to make it simple for people to register their interest in self build and custom build and to help local authorities gather names and information quickly and easily.

To understand how the new legislation affects you and to make sure that your name gets on the list where you would like to build, please read this Important news about your Right to Build before you register here.

Legislation requires local authorities in England to keep a register of people interested in self and custom build and to grant planning permission for the number of homes requested. Local authorities in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are also exploring how to support self and custom build projects.

Joining the Local Self Build Register allows you to make your contact details available to local authorities in areas where you’d like to build your own home or have one built for you. Local authorities that are using this service will be able to access your details and if you meet the eligibility criteria, you’ll be automatically added to their own local registers.

You can leave details of your specific needs and wishes – for example, where you want to build and what size and type of home you’d like.

If you meet the eligibility criteria, local authorities will use the information you submit to determine how many self build plots will need to be made available during the following year – and also to guide other aspects of their local planning and housing policy. They may also get in touch with you directly to inform you of self and custom build opportunities in the local area.

You can also choose to receive the Local Self Build Register newsletter to be kept up to date with other exciting self build and custom build opportunities that are relevant for you.

Please note that not all local authorities will choose to receive data from the Local Self Build Register. Some are operating their own individual registers while others are implementing temporary solutions until they decide how to gather this information in the longer term. From 1st April 2016 all local authorities in England are expected to have a system in place. When you select which local authorities you are interested in, we will tell you whether or not they are using this service. If they are not, you’ll need to go to their own websites to register.

The Local Self Build Register gathers information from people who want to build their own home in any part of the UK and holds it securely for use by local authorities.

You can register your interest in as many local authority areas as you like. We will only pass your information on to the local councils that you specify and give us permission to do so.

The information will be passed on to relevant local authorities who have signed up to use this register.  This means there is no guarantee that the local authorities that you have selected will receive your details as not all authorities are using this register.  However your details will contribute anonymously to statistical reports such as national and regional summaries, which could help create more opportunities for the kinds of projects you are interested in.

Local councils can then use the Register to gather the information they need about self build demand, and to build up a list of people who are interested in plots in their local area.

The Local Self Build Register requests your name and contact details as well as detailed information that local councils can use to understand the number, size, type and affordability of self build homes that are needed in their area.

Anonymous Information:  By filling in the register, your anonymous details will be used in statistical reports such as national, regional and local council level summaries, which could help create more opportunities for the kinds of projects you are interested in.

Personal Details: By filling in the register and selecting specific local authorities, you are agreeing for any information you submit, including personal information, to be provided to the local authorities you have selected. Only the details required for us to place you on the local authority’s register are mandatory for you to complete; the other questions are optional but the more information you can leave, the better informed your local authority will be about your circumstances and the project you would like to do.

We will use your email address to communicate with you about your submission, for example to remind you to keep your entry updated in the future. We also offer the option for you to receive the Local Self Build Newsletter and other emails letting you know about opportunities that match your specific interests and needs.

We will not pass your information on to others without your consent.

Please see our Privacy Policy for more information.

If you represent a local authority, and would like to join the local self build register, just get in touch with our fantastic LSBR team. We are here to help you, and here to help those wanting to build their own homes.

Did you know that we can add your own bespoke questions at any point. So, if you want to ask about interest in a particular region within your local authority, or interest in a specific project, please let us know.

With the ability for the registrant to self edit their own information, and automated confirmation, we are making it easier for you as a local authority to support this growing sector.

Don’t forget a single platform enables you as a local authority to see a clearer picture of demand, particularly where there are clusters of authorities across a region. It is common for those wishing to self build to have a broad search area where they would be open to build, and therefore a single platform is the only way of seeing the multiple authorities which a registrant may choose to register in.

If you have any questions about how we can assist you in supporting self build and custom build please get in touch.

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