Self Build for the West of England LEP

WestofEnglandLEPThe West of England Local Enterprise Partnership is leading on the ‘Strategic Housing Market Assessment’.  In short this is called a SHMA,  and it’s a review to find out what the future housing need is across neighbouring local council areas.   ie how many homes are needed, what type, and where they will be built.

As part of this process the local councils are assessing if there is any interest in self build and people led housing.  Depending on the interest, it may have an influence on how self build is considered as part of future housing in the area.  The SHMA process has a tight programme, where interim findings will be collated for December 2014.

So now is the time to register your interest with the local authorities, Bristol, Bath and North East Somerset, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset, if you would like to be involved in creating your own home some time in the future.

Whether your interest is independent self build, collective build, cohousing, custom build, or any form of people involved housing as a means of creating your future home, then Register Now.

To find out more about the West of England LEP and the SHMA process select:  West of England LEP SHMA Review