Privacy notice

The privacy of your information is very important to us. We will do our utmost to protect access to it and be open and clear about what we will do with it. We will not do anything with it that you have not given us permission to do. This privacy notice explains how we collect, use, share and protect the information you have given us. If we have not answered your questions below then please contact us.

Who we are

We are Ecomotive Limited, an Industrial and Provident Society. We work in the self build sector, helping individuals and organisations to develop community-involved housing projects that have a focus on social, economic and environmental sustainability. You can find out more about us by visiting the Ecomotive website.

How we use your information

There are two possible roles that Ecomotive plays when handling personal information. One is when we act on our own behalf, for example when we are leading one of our own projects. The other is when we act on behalf of a client who has asked us to provide a service. See below for an explanation of both roles.

In technical jargon, when we act for ourselves we are the “Data Controller”, when we act on behalf of a client we are most likely to be the “Data Processor”. We will make it clear what role we are taking in each case. Visit the Information Commissioners website for more information about these legally defined roles.

When we act on behalf of our clients

When we are processing data for a client (in this case, a local council) we will abide by their rules, which they have set for processing your information. We will ensure that they have obtained appropriate permission for us to process your information. If they are unable to satisfy us that they have relevant permission we will not process it as requested.

For details about what our clients will do with your information you will need to read their Privacy Notice. You will find a link and/or reference to our clients’ Privacy Notice on the relevant webpage.

It may be that we are providing one of our own services, but on their behalf in order that they control and manage access to your information. In this instance the next section will give you an idea of what may be done with your information, but you will need to confirm that by reading our client’s Privacy Notice.

When we act on our own behalf

When collecting information for use by Ecomotive Limited we will ensure that you have given us the required permission to use it as we intend. We will also give you the opportunity to revoke that permission should you change your mind.

We collect contact details so that we may:

• contact you to clarify details you have given,

• ask further questions relevant to the original information collected,

• respond to your requests and queries.