Horsham District Council

Horsham District Council has a regulatory requirement to establish what demand exists among local District residents to purchase suitable housing plots to build their own homes. The present Government encourages Self Build as a means of providing better and more affordable housing, and has introduced various incentives, such as waiving Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) for Self Builders.

The Council therefore intends to use the findings from this survey as background information for the next stage of Horsham District’s new housing plan. This will help the Council to consider if it should develop policies to provide suitable building land and where such provision should best be located.

Self Build, now often called Custom Build, Housing can take a wide range of forms. Homes can be entirely constructed by individuals or self help groups often sharing building skills, or built to various unfinished stages by a contractor for the owner to complete. There are also opportunities for individuals to form cooperatives to purchase land and jointly contract for individual or shared occupancy housing, such as terraces or flats.

Background information about Self and Custom Build is available from the National Self Build Association which provides a wider range of useful contacts regarding land purchase and construction.