Labour declares it will support self and custom builders and encourage councils to allocate land

The Shadow Housing Minister, Emma Reynolds has committed a future Labour Government to provide more small plots aimed at self and custom builders. The initiative – called Build First – will involve local councils being required to reserve plots for individual self builders in their Local Plans. Councils will also have to provide sites suitable for custom build developers.

Speaking at National House-Building Council (NHBC) today she said: “In many other countries the housing market is made up of a much more diverse number of builders, including self and custom builders. In Canada, France, Germany and the US, self or custom build delivers in excess of 40% of the housing output – in others such as Austria it is up to 80% of homes”.

“The next Labour Government will ask every local authority in the country to create a new waiting list for those that want to register their interest in a custom-build, co-operative build or community land trust plot. Local people will have priority so they can live affordably within their community,” she said.

Reynolds also confirmed Labour’s plans to build a new generation of Garden Cities, and she said that a proportion of the homes built in these new settlements would be set aside for smaller firms and self builders.

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Source: Self Build Portal, 13th January 2014