Graven Hill to reveal plot prices and reservation system

Would you like to join the UK’s largest self build project? Cherwell District Council’s Graven Hill site is just south of Bicester, Oxfordshire and is set to become the UK’s largest self-build community with up to 1900 homes planned.

After much anticipation, prices of the first 157 plots and details of the reservation process will be revealed at a ‘price preview’ event in nearby Chesterton on 20th November 2015.

Members of the Graven Hill Delivery Company will host the event at the Bicester Hotel Golf and Spa in Chesterton, just two miles from the development site.

Throughout the day they will host seven sessions which will unveil the prices of the first 157 plots, explain more about the golden brick process and talk about the reservation system, which will begin in spring 2016.

Due to limited capacity, places must be booked in advance. Sessions are free to attend and time slots are available throughout the day.

Following the short presentations, members of the Graven Hill team will be available to answer individual questions. Attendees will also have the opportunity to speak to BuildStore about arranging personal finances for their potential self-build.

Although prices will be revealed at the event, plots will not be able to be reserved until spring 2016.

In other exciting news, a Local Development Order (LDO) for the site was approved by councillors earlier this month, meaning that the process of planning approval for each home will be dramatically simplified. Following this, a design code and delivery timeline for the first phase of homes has now been released.

In the first phase of the project, the northern side of the site will be divided into 12 ‘character components’, each offering differing levels of design freedom. These range from ‘Urban Lanes’ where design restrictions are minimal, to wetland areas and woodland where designs will be more closely controlled. Self builders will be expected to follow the established design principles – including the appearance of external walls and roofs, landscaping and driveways – depending on where their plot is located.

Visit the Graven Hill website for details of timings and to book tickets.