Cherwell still attracting hundreds of self builders

Cherwell District Council have been working on a leading-edge development for a site as part of an ambitious project to deliver the largest numbers of  homes to self builders to the area.

Cherwell District Council  announced in 2014 a multi-million purchase of The Graven Hill site that is just south of Bicester. The site extends to nearly 190 hectares, nearly the same size of 300 football fields, establishing the UK’s largest self-build community of homes with up to 1900 homes planned.

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The site is currently home to the Ministry of Defence (MOD) who will be exiting the site over the next 5 years. The site is circular site with surrounding woodland, with plans to allow for a primary school, commercial buildings to create employment and supportive communal businesses like a post office, food stores, restaurants and pubs.

Cherwell District Council are delivering a creative and accessible range of different affordable homes – including kit homes, group self-build schemes and properties designed by owners and built by contractors. The site will also have the full range of sizes of properties; detached, semi-detached, apartments, bungalows and terrace homes. 2015 will see the start of the early infrastructure like roads and pipelines being installed with first phase of building beginning in 2016.

As part of Cherwell District Council’s commitment to deliver affordable housing the Council  has created a support scheme called Build! The scheme hopes to deliver 250 homes that offer opportunities to individuals or groups of people to get on to the property ladder.

The scheme will be allowing people to rent or take on shared ownership at 80% of the market value of a home.  Build! has also partnered with specialist self-build mortgage providers to support first time buyers. The below market value opportunities by Build! are offset with a range of ‘get involved’ self builder options that include beginner’s level of external decorating to fully servicing a plot, giving people a full range of experience in becoming a true ‘self builder’.

ecomotive, LSBR, local self buid register, Graven Hill, Cherwell District  Council, self-builders,

Cherwell District Council are encouraging anyone who is interested the Graven Hill site to register their details through the Local Self Build Register (LSBR). With early registration the Council will be able to assess demand and understand the type of homes and schemes people would be interested in, shaping the evolution of the site.

The social enterprise Ecomotive who are behind the LSBR are delighted to be the platform that is supporting Cherwell District Council to assess the self-build demand for the site.  The LSBR has been set-up to support all local authorities that wish to assess self-build demand in their area so projects like Graven Hill can be matched up with people who are keen to build their dream home.

ecomotive, LSBR, local self buid register, Graven Hill, Cherwell District  Council, self-builders,

To register you details for the site on simply click ‘Register Me’ on Cherwell District Council’s page on the LSBR here; and for further information on Graven Hill site you can visit the website: